Window shades with a view to energy efficiency

window shades with a view to energy efficiency

The best-dressed windows serve a valuable dual purpose of keeping the winter chill at bay and blocking harsh sunlight at the height of summer.

But they should also enhance and blend with your interior style in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

Dream drapes that frame a realistic outlook

Designer drapes needn’t cost the earth, nor contain non-natural materials that are used at the expense of the environment.

Bamboo blinds fit the bill. They are not only affordable, portable, can be made to measure online or at your local hardware store, but they provide privacy and shade with a dappled sunlight effect that is at once warming and charming.

In addition, bamboo blinds are also offered in a range of styles, colours and textures to provide more protective coverage or allow you to see more of the light. 

Window shades with a view to energy efficiency

Dressed to impress, regardless of living arrangement

Whether you choose blinds, shutters, full-length drapes, sheers or contemporary coverings depends on interior style, living arrangement and, of course, budget.

If renting, select window accessories or additions that have not only been approved by your landlord or rental provider but are also good to go whenever you are.

Owner-occupiers and investors could opt for a combination of Roman or Venetian blinds, with the addition of UV block-out drapes or linen sheers. Choose functional, easy-to-maintain fabrics and materials.

Curtains and blinds suppliers

There’s no shortage of curtains and blinds companies that are priced to suit every design style. Whether you choose from high-end to budget-oriented suppliers, this is purely a matter of taste, circumstance and budget.

Most retailers offer a free measure and quote on most window coverings and dressings. Product warranty, competitive rates and installation are usually included in the fee. But to be sure, always inquire about exactly what’s included in the bill prior to payment.

Cleaning tips

For most blinds, a light regular dusting will maintain their quality and new look. Gently using the dusting brush on your vacuum cleaner provides a deeper clean.

With lighter sheers, gentle machine washing and ironing on a low heat will generally serve maintenance purposes, but always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For heavier drapes, it is best that these are dry cleaned once or twice annually, depending on necessity.

A light oiling prior to summer for Cedar and timber blinds will enhance the wood grain and protect against long-term sunlight fading.

Exterior style

As for the outside appearance, the smartest facades feature panels in fibre cement and other durable materials to create patterns of visual and protective appeal.

There’s a range of panels on offer at architectural and interior design companies, such as CSP Architectural, James Hardie and other commercial/residential building product suppliers.