Essentials for Investors

Selecting The Best Possible Tenant.

New Vision Real Estate has a proven method of searching and selecting the best possible tenant for your property.

Your property is advertised via widespread media advertising, signboards, web sites, and relocation consultants to ensure all prospective tenants know it is available for rent.
Tenants will view your property at a private, digital or open house viewing

The New Vision Real Estate system for processing tenant applications includes:

  • Proof of stable employment
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Proof of history of previous tenancies including rental payment history and property care history
  • 100 point proof of identity

The tenant details are also checked through the national database of the Trading Reference Australia (TRA). TRA provides history details on rent owing, malicious damage, poor inspection or garden maintenance reports, and unauthorised pets.) You are provided with a full report to enable you to make the best tenant decision possible.

Peace Of Mind.

New Vision Real Estate engages in a series of thorough inspections during the rental period which includes a comprehensive written report and numerous digital photographs. The report provides information about the general condition of your property and, where necessary, any repair or maintenance requests.

This is your guarantee of the property’s condition. These inspections are conducted after three months of a new tenancy and then up to four times per year depending on your requirements.

A final inspection is carried out after your tenant has returned the keys and departed your property. This report is compared with the original inspection and initial photographs.

On occasions your tenant may have to contact New Vision Real Estate to request repairs or maintenance. We will always attempt to contact you for approval before any work is commenced.

Over the years New Vision Real Estate has built up a reliable network of suppliers who are all qualified and licensed tradespeople. For your peace of mind.

Caring For Your Finances.

The collection of your rent in advance is carefully monitored with any arrears followed up diligently. New Vision Real Estate encourages all of our tenants to pay by direct debit from their bank account or credit card to minimise the risk of non-payment. Your rent is paid into your bank account either fortnightly or monthly by electronic transfer. ‘One-day late’ rent is counted as arrears and results in the immediate activation of a careful monitoring follow-up system.

In the case of New Vision Real Estate not receiving rental payment after 7 calendar days we notify you in writing. If the tenant is 14 days late we contact you by phone to seek your instructions (to terminate the tenancy).

Your rent is reviewed:

  • At the end of a fixed term agreement and at each periodic inspection
  • At the end of the tenancy.

You receive a monthly and an annual “End of financial year report”. This makes it easy for your accountant to lodge your tax return.
‘Landlord insurance’ is recommended and can be arranged by our Property Management staff on your behalf.

Expenses as authorised by you are deducted prior to payment. These may include Strata Levies, Council and Water rates, and repair or maintenance items.

To find our more about how New Vision Real Estate can help you please contact one of our team on 02 9160 6475