Why Sell with New Vision

At New Vision Real Estate, we specialise in sales, leasing, property management, commercial investment, development and project marketing. 

New Vision’s owner operated family business have sold 61 properties in the last 12 months with a value of $55,334,550. This demonstrates a clearance rate of 98%. With an exceptional satisfaction rate, our clients know we will take them step by step through the process for the first initial conversation to the exchange of the keys.

New Vision Real Estate is a community using both traditional and digital marketing methods with a database that has unrivalled reach to qualified buyers.

10 Reasons to work with New Vision

  1. We are a team of experts with the track record to prove it, you are not just dealing with one agent, you have the support of the whole company.
  2. New Vision is a family business.
  3. The team at New Vision Real Estate have an exceptional understanding of the selling process.
  4. Communication is a must. From face to face, online video platforms, phone, SMS and email. New Vision will keep you informed. An informed seller can make an informed decision.
  5. A weekly marketing campaign report complete with statistics from the real estate websites and feedback from prospective buyers.
  6. A database with unrivalled reach to attract qualified buyers.
  7. Both traditional and digital marketing methods to reach prospective buyers.
  8. The New Vision team will go above and beyond to get you, the seller, a great result.
  9. The team at New Vision are committed to continued training and updating resources to ensure your property is always in front of the maximum number of buyers.
  10. New Vision is a lead brand in the local area and yet has a national reach to attract active buyers.

Free Market Appraisal

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