What rental providers look for in a renter

what rental providers look for in a renter

Being a good renter not only enhances their long-term tenancy reputation but also guarantees that they will be highly prized by landlords (residential rental providers, in Victoria).  

A role model tenant (or renter in Victoria) generally pays the rent on time, is respectful of the neighbours, protects property ownership and minimises maintenance costs in one. 

Do you have what it takes to secure that must-have rental property ahead of the competition? We outline the redeeming features that are the makings of a desirable renter.

Tenancy qualities that are set to impress

The competitive rental environment ensures that the cream always rises in securing the most attractive and longstanding tenancy agreements.

Landlords or rental providers naturally aim to safeguard their property and increase investment potential. As such, the best tenants/renters are:

Reliable — are financially secure and respectful of the rights and obligations of their rental property.

Reputable — their references and rental history speak volumes in terms of character and trustworthiness as an individual, employee or student — and as a renter who puts themselves in the mindset of their rental provider. 

Responsible — whether it’s reducing the noise levels at socially responsible times, adhering to written and to some degree unspoken rules regarding their property and surroundings, being a responsible renter involves ticking several such invaluable boxes.

Respectful — showing innate respect for their landlord/rental provider, fellow housemates and neighbours always creates the priceless quality of good word of mouth. This is certain to stand the renter in excellent stead when it comes to their next potential rental, house purchase or even job opportunities.

Other unspoken gems

Anticipation and honesty are two of the most exacting standards sought by rental providers. But they’re not always straightforward to ascertain. The former quality requires open communication via the appropriate channels with the landlord/rental provider. If a tap is leaking or a WC is showing signs of being continually faulty if a cupboard or pantry door is becoming loose at the hinge, if a chip, mark or crack on walls or tiles is threatening to worsen, don’t wait — speak up. These are the types of domestic situations whereby a landlord/rental provider will always be indebted for forewarning.

Similarly, honesty is the major factor that comprises the makings of a must-have tenant/renter. This encompasses the prompt reporting of accidents or incidents committed by householders — and this includes pets. On the subject of pet agreements, which differ from state to state and on a per-property basis, absolute disclosure and ensuring that the pet is monitored and, via its owner, observes tenancy rules and agreements, will likely ensure that your rental provider becomes a pet lover, too.  

If you want to know the specific requirements for a property of choice or have any queries about your rules and rights as a renter or rental provider, contact your local real estate agent or property manager for further information.