The big clean: what to do and when

the big clean what to do and when

With low temperatures and some states experiencing lockdown restrictions that limit outward mobility, many householders are adopting an interior lifestyle view.

When coupled with wintry conditions shortening our daylight hours, there’s simply no place like home.

But getting your domain re-organised for a comfortable semi-hibernation is firstly a matter of assessing your cleaning and maintenance tasks.

The next step is to develop readiness for the evolution of a warm and inviting home environment.

Sharing the load

Don’t forget that sharing is halving, so ensure your ongoing workload is evenly spread and assigned to all householders.

Taking part in your group-effort big clean is guaranteed to reap lifestyle rewards — and it might even boost property values, in the long term.

We’ve devised a list that aids the organisation process and is designed to keep you and your home sparkling in all seasons.

Your year-round cleaning checklist

Daily tasks: According to recommendations, we should be doing the following tasks daily: Make the bed; Wipe down the shower; Clean around the toilet bowl; Wipe down kitchen surfaces; Wipe stove after use; Sweep kitchen floor; Wash up; Clear away the clutter, and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Weekly tasks: Clean bed linen and towels; Do the laundry; Dust household surfaces; Vacuum all carpets and floors; Mop any hard floors; Give bathrooms a thorough clean; Clean mirrors and toothbrush mugs; Clean the inside of the microwave; Wipe down kitchen appliances and any surfaces not cleaned daily.

Monthly tasks: Wash all the windows; Vacuum hard-to-reach areas, including under furniture; Clean blinds and/or vacuum curtains; Wash doormats; Clean dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum cleaner; Throw away any out-of-date food and wipe cupboards.

Every three to six months: Vacuum mattresses; Wash or dry-clean pillows, bedspreads, and doonas and/or quilt covers; Wipe down the inside of the fridge; Clean out the freezer; Clean the oven thoroughly, inside and out; Wipe down internal paintwork; Have a mini garage blitz.

Annual tasks: Wipe window frames; Wipe lightbulbs; Deep-clean upholstered furniture and carpets; Empty out gutters; Clean fireplace and chimney; Have the chimney swept.

If you follow these simple steps, there’s no reason that your home shouldn’t shine, regardless of the weather or circumstances beyond your control.