Selling your home? Why property styling is your new best friend

selling your home why property styling is your new best friend

To say that the property market we experience today is different from what previous generations experienced is an understatement. On the backs of home improvement shows and competitions and the increasing demand for a picture-perfect lifestyle, the need to impress has become all-consuming as purchase prices continue to climb.

They say that you know within eight seconds of walking into a property whether or not you want to buy it. Eight seconds! If you’re selling your home, how can you possibly hope to attract the eyes and hearts of would-be buyers in such a short amount of time?
Enter your property staging expert – the property stylist.

The advantages of using property staging to sell your home

Property stylists have a keen understanding of the industry. They know what buyers want, they know what real estate agents can use as selling focal points and they can deliver a high-quality look that will transform a home.

Think of it this way. You have an emotional attachment to your home. You’ve raised children there, embarked on a number of (potentially too) aspirational renovation projects and you’ve seen some serious life happen behind that door. It’s impossible for you to objectively style your home so that other people can see themselves living there too.

property staging, property stylist
Property Staging, property stylist

There’s too much ‘you’ there and it gets in the way of that eight-second love connection being able to develop.
If your property staging expert is aware of the demographics of your potential buyers, they’ll be able to tailor the styling to best suit buyer interests. They’ll choose pieces that speak to a certain kind of lifestyle and cleverly hide the flaws and quirks that you can no longer see. It’s poetry, really.

property staging, property stylist

“A professional property stylist won’t just ship in the same look for every property, she’ll determine the best style to entice the best buyer.”

Melanie Grace of Grace & Co Property Styling, Brisbane.

Property stylists, on average, can help secure a higher sale price on your home which would increase your potential return on investment. Like any service, you don’t NEED one to sell your home – but it certainly seems like it couldn’t hurt!

BFF? We’ll see after the sale goes unconditional!

Lots of stores offer in-home stylists now and you may well consider DIY’ing the process yourself. These are your choices to make and doing your own research will help you find the solution that’s right for you. As with any project, this is yours to undertake so make sure you measure twice and cut once!

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