Prime selling seasons

prime selling seasons

Real estate auctions across Australia and New Zealand operate year-round, but certain sales periods, including holiday seasons, can prove more beneficial for prices and property values. 

When is the best time to sell?

The Easter, Christmas and New Year periods are traditionally key times for taking a break. However, the property market rarely rests.

Real estate calendar events, such as an early Easter, or the current shortage of properties for sale in your area, can have a positive impact on auction activity during these periods.

Easter falls in early April this year, which is the month that precedes an influx of new properties coming onto the market for the annual high auction volumes of autumnal May.  

Winter warms up for auction activity

The winter chill can have a similar effect on the number of listings on the market. But this needn’t be a deterrent.

On the contrary, although there may be fewer properties and auction attendees, those in the market are considered genuine prospects.

When combined with the limited available listings, this can create hot auction action.     

Properties set to shine in spring and autumn

The traditional selling seasons of spring and autumn are not merely due to temperate climates, gardens looking their best and a pre-season boost to home-makeover activity.

A feel-good spring sentiment prevails among potential buyers following the big chill of winter.

After the Labour Day and grand final weekends in September, competition for listings can be fierce. The traditionally higher listing numbers, coupled with an increase in buyers, can drive up property prices. 

Ensuring that your property stands out from the crowd often guarantees vendor and buyer success. This is particularly the case if potential buyers place pressure on themselves to move into their new home prior to Christmas.

First December weekend

The first weekend in December is considered the last big auction weekend of the year. Most real estate agents encourage off-market campaigns at this time to attract serious buyers and the expat community returning to Australia and New Zealand to scout property throughout the summer holiday season.  

Discuss your auction campaign needs with your local real estate agent for some of the best times to buy and sell in your region.