Pet persuasion

pet persuasion

For animal lovers, there’s nothing nicer than a hug from their furry friend. But owning such a friend becomes tricky when you’re hunting for a rental house, with many landlords not enjoying pet purrs and snuggles as much as you. So, how can you persuade landlords to agree to your four-legged buddy?

Law changes

For a start, animal owners should double-check their state’s residential tenancy laws, with some recently changing to assist tenants in finding a pet-loving rental. New laws were introduced in Victoria on March 2, in which landlords are unable to “reasonably refuse” a tenant’s request to own a pet. For other states such as New South Wales and Queensland, landlords can refuse pet requests, or at least include a refusal clause in tenancy agreements (in the case of NSW).

Landlord’s foe

If you love your cat or dog, it’s hard to understand why your landlord doesn’t. But your house owner is well aware that even a top-notch clean may not remove fur and feathers. Add smells and potential property damage from claws and teeth and it’s easy to see why pets are refused.

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Tenant’s friend

Tenants should approach a new rental with these points in mind. Acknowledge your pet’s possible harm to the home and offer to pay a higher rent or deposit, in the event of damages. Send your landlord a pet resume with information as to how you plan to care for your pet at the property. For example, will it be kept inside all the time or outside during the day and inside at night? If your landlord lives nearby, persuade them of your animal’s great behaviour by introducing them to each other. References from friends and your vet, including details such as desexing and microchip information, will definitely help as well.

Ensure landlords you’ll pay extra for any damages your pet causes – of which there should be a minimum – and you may be surprised at how quickly they’ll agree to your furry friend.