Key steps to marketing your home

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You’ve made the decision on your sales agent, taken the necessary steps to list the property for sale and you’ve made improvements to the home to help it through a sale.

The next step is planning out a marketing and advertising strategy that will appeal to potential purchasers and get them through the front door. 

Sell the features and benefits

Great advertising copy is a key tool in describing the features and benefits of your home. Buyers will search for their wish list of items through property search engines and keywords can help get your property to the top of their list. 

Make sure that you are listing out the benefits of the property that may appeal to the buyer market you are after. Does it have an abundance of storage? Are the spaces light and airy and are the gardens low maintenance? Think about the type of buyer you are appealing to, in order to craft the best ad copy.

Photos and videos to showcase the home

Your agent will likely recommend a marketing strategy that includes photos and video. Professional photography is an important factor in the advertising of a property for sale and now, a normal part of selling a home.

Many buyers will head to the online property portals to search for a new home and expect to see good quality imagery of the property that shows the style, age and features as well as a floorplan showing the property layout.

Video walk-throughs are also a beneficial marketing tool that can increase the number of potential buyers including those who are out of town or overseas and may not be able to attend open homes during the campaign.

Get social with the marketing

A good agent will also have a social media strategy to expand the reach of the number of potential buyers for your property. They may recommend advertising on various social media channels to increase the demographic that the property may appeal to interested parties.

Your sales agent is also likely to market out to their email database of potential buyers to get your home in front of as many people as possible. They will be able to provide information to anyone who may be interested in your property and arrange for them to inspect it.

Don’t forget a ‘for sale’ sign

When buyers are looking for properties, many will often drive around suburbs to get a feel for the area and work out if it suits their requirements. A well-designed and prominent ‘for sale’ sign can stand out and alert potential purchasers that your property is available and give them the chance to contact your agent for an inspection.

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