Helping others feel at home with thoughtful gifts

helping others feel at home with thoughtful gifts

Housewarming parties call for forethought and imagination in hitting the right note with recipients.

In the long-distant past, a glory box filled with items acquired over time helped establish people in their new homes.

But a simple trip to Kmart or a homewares store can achieve the same outcome with a home starter’s kit of pots, pans, crockery and electrical appliances available in minutes for a minimal outlay.

Packed to perfection

A welcome pack can be a fantastic idea in getting to know your new neighbourhood. 

Be it a voucher for the café downstairs, an introductory fitness class at the gym, or a simple grocery hamper of basics (milk, bread and toilet paper), the gesture will never be forgotten.

A thoughtful housewarming gift can be the icing on the cake.

An indoor plant will not only add colour to your interior, but it can also be beneficial for air quality and general wellbeing.

If you are artistic, create an artwork that suits the style of the home and the taste of its owner or renter. 

Find out what the residents have on their home wish list. Design, build or buy a bookshelf for the living room or study. Or point them in the right direction with a voucher for a local artisan’s services. 

Memorable gestures that leave a lasting reminder

Likewise, the party season extends to housewarming gifts embracing generosity of spirit and budget.

If the property in question is of a large scale, consider a house-cleaning or landscaping service. This is certain to delight homemakers and busy professionals alike.  

Hardware chains also offer vouchers for products, services and free advice if renovation projects or cosmetic makeovers are the main aims.

Another option that needn’t cost a cent but is bound to provide home relief and inspire romance is to volunteer your babysitting services. Young parents appreciate nothing more than time together when raising their energetic charge.

You’re limited only by imagination when choosing personalised housewarming gifts for your beloved friends and family that are designed to be a hit at any celebration.