First impressions at your open home

first impressions at your open home

There is an old saying about first impressions, in that you never get a second chance to make a great one. When you consider selling your home, the impression that prospective buyer has when they walk through the property could be the make or break of their decision-making process in the sale. 

Presentation is key

Your sales agent will often work with you and suggest components such as property styling, which can assist in presenting the property in the best possible light to a prospective buyer. Your agent may make suggestions about minor improvements that will be key to the sale and highlight the features that are the best-selling points of the home to show during the opening.

Take care of minor maintenance

The little things can make all the difference when it comes to showing prospective buyers through your home. Even something as small as light globes can make an impact to the success of the open and your sales agent will want to turn on lights to brighten up rooms. Maintenance items may also affect the final sale and have the potential to be deal-breakers if items are not repaired. 

If you have had tenants in the property, it is beneficial to speak with your property manager and sales agent about minor improvements that may need to be carried out and factor this into preparing the property for the sale and opening. If the tenants are to remain during the sales campaign, your Property Manager and Sales Agent can communicate with the tenants on expectations during the open homes.

Don’t forget the exterior

If you have a property with lawns and gardens, employing a gardener to tidy up the lawns and gardens in the week leading up to your first open is beneficial to ensure that they are presented at their best for potential buyers. Don’t forget pool and spa areas that may be part of the property, confirming that they are compliant with legislation as well as clean and presentable. A green pool is never a good look come open day and your pool certificate of compliance is usually required as part of the sales contract. 

For properties with trees on the perimeter, cleaning out the gutters and washing exteriors may be an area to consider as prospective buyers will take the maintenance of these areas into account. Clogged gutters have the potential to lead to roof leaks during wet weather and building inspectors will pick up these items during their inspections. Having these rectified before the sale will save potential stress down the track.