Do you have the right strategy for selling your rural property?

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If you own a rural property, you will understand the differences that your home has from those in suburban or city areas and the unique features that the property has. You will understand its quirks and charm and the challenges that can come with owning a rural property.

When you do choose to sell your rural property, finding an agent that understands the distinctive market that your home is placed in is crucial to the success of the sale. Our agents can help you to find the best possible buyer at the right price for your property.

What are the unique selling points

You have lived in the property and the area for the duration of your home ownership and perhaps longer and will know the key features that will attract the right buyer. Your agent can also assist you with identifying these elements.

Think about what makes the property appealing, especially for those making a tree change from the style of the home and its inclusions to distance from amenities, the size of the property and the local wildlife. 

Allow time to prepare the home for sale

Given the size of a rural property, the time for preparation can be much longer than a property in the suburbs or city. There is more space in the home and the grounds are often much larger.

Allow time to prepare the home for sale including potential repairs or small renovations, cleaning and styling and landscaping of lawn and garden areas. If you have a property with older sheds and storage, it may also mean cleaning out these areas in preparation for sale.

Market on its unique qualities

Our agents will work with you to identify the rare elements of your home and highlight these to potential buyers during a sales campaign. 

A rural property differs from those in city areas and will appeal to certain buyers. It is important to develop a marketing campaign that suits the individuality of the home to ensure that it is attracting the right interest. 

Putting a spotlight on its key attributes and the local area and benefits can assist with gaining interest from a wider market that is not just locals but also those who are looking for a change.

Whatever your next step is, contact our selling agents who are market specialists in rural sales. They can help you to make the right decision in the sale of your exclusive property. 

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