apartment or house whats best for you

Apartment or house: what’s best for you?

Apartments can make ideal homes but the differences between them and a detached house may surprise, especially if you’ve always lived in a standard home. So, which property will satisfy you and your lifestyle?

Yes to less?

With less space than a house and a lower purchase price, apartments suit time-poor couples and singles on a budget. Reduced room ensures precious weekend time is not spent on household cleaning and utility costs are lower. Commutes are minimised, with these small places often having easy connections to transport and shops. Newer properties can also include on-site gyms, pools and shared gardens. 

… Or no to nearness

Living side-by-side and back-to-back with others can take some getting used to after a detached house lifestyle. Noisy children and big parties are mere metres away, with squeaking doors or washing machines easy to hear from both sides of the walls. Regardless of whether you use the apartment block’s facilities, owners need to obey body corporate laws, including those regarding renovations and pets, and pay strata maintenance fees for common areas. 

Yes to flexibility?

Fantastic for families, detached houses offer greater flexibility and freedom than apartments. Expand and renovate to your heart’s content (bearing in mind any council regulations) and spread out with ease. Splash into your own pool and there’s no need to share gardens. The neighbour proximity experienced in apartments is far less and your parcel of land, and any renovations, can increase the property’s value over time.

… Or no to expense

You’ll need a large bank account to buy a house and extra heating and cooling for your sizeable rooms will increase your bills. These rooms also require more cleaning while your gardens need regular weeding and trimming. There are council rates and insurance to consider as well.