3 rooms that add value to your home

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When you think about making improvements to your home prior to selling, you may look at the most affordable options that are going to add value to the property and ensure that you don’t overcapitalise.

Small improvements to some rooms in your home can give the property a quick refresh and often add significant value to the sale price. 

Some of the rooms that you may like to consider refreshing prior to sale may include the bathroom, kitchen and living areas.

Add a little bathroom luxury

Bathroom renovations don’t need to cost the earth and simple changes may be all that is needed to give the bathroom a refresh. Updating tap fittings, shower heads and door handles can be an inexpensive upgrade. 

Tile paint can also provide an affordable alternative to re-tiling a whole bathroom or painting walls can brighten smaller spaces. 

When presenting the property for sale, you might like to add small items like indoor plants, designer-looking towels or candles and decorative items. 

Give the kitchen a facelift

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and is an area that many buyers will focus on when making a purchase. 

Updating the floors with affordable options like vinyl or laminate floor coverings and new cupboard door handles can be purchased from your local hardware store and easily installed to give an instant facelift.

Depending on the type of kitchen cupboards, you could try repainting in a fresh new colour and paint tiles or use stick-on tiles for a refresh.

For an extra option updating the benchtops and appliances can appeal to even the most discerning buyer on their hunt for a new home. 

Open the living space

Show prospective buyers the useability of a living space through comfort pieces and functionality. 

Painting the walls in more neutral colours that allow for the flow of light and improving window coverings, removing heavy drapes or blinds, and opting for more light filtering choices which can showcase the functionality of the living areas.  

Reducing clutter in the rooms and investing in storage and smart technology can hide away those unsightly cords. It can also give the buyer an insight into how easily technology can be integrated into the home and allow them to see the possibilities of the home.

For the sales campaign, investing in a complimentary colour palette for soft furnishings and decorative pieces can appeal to buyers, especially those that are understated and don’t detract from the property.

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