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Creating green space while you rent

When you are renting it may seem like your options are limited when it comes to gardening or creating your own green space in a rental property. While you can’t make larger changes to the landscaping of the property without the Owners permission, there are alternatives to introduce gardens in your outdoor living space. Pots

Can I style my rental home?

When you are renting it may seem that there are a limited number of options for you when it comes to making the property feel like home.  While there are legislation and guidelines in your tenancy legislation around alterations to the property, you can discuss minor improvements with your property manager before making any changes

What happens if I break my lease?

The best-laid plans don’t always go according to the path that you set out on and changes in life circumstances can occur. It may be that you need to downsize or relocate for work or reasons outside your control.  It is possible to break your lease should you need to, however, there are requirements and

Renting with pets

Pet ownership has been on the rise in recent years as people add furry friends to extend their family units; and while attitudes are evolving, there are still several things to consider before welcoming a new family member, if you are renting. Seek permission from your property manager and landlord Depending on the type of

What is a Condition Report

A condition report is a document provided to you by the Landlord or Property Manager as the second part of the Residential Tenancy Agreement when signing a lease agreement for the rental of a property. The condition report must be provided to you at the time of signing your lease and detail the property condition

Avoiding rental stress in a rising market

Rising costs and tighter rental markets can mean that the cost of rent increases can prove challenging, especially if you need to be in certain areas for work, schooling or near to family or community groups. Some things that are great to consider if you are renting are factors such as budget, affordability, and lifestyle. 

Tips for first-time renters

If you are embarking on the experience of renting for the first time, there can be excitement around the prospect of the search for your first home. It is important to be organised and aware of what is happening in the market before and during your search. Make a To-Do List Before you start searching

5 areas to budget for when renting

When beginning your search for the next or even your first rental property, it is important to budget for the costs that are associated with both moving and the ongoing expenses. Rent and bond In assessing your rental application, Property Managers will look at your income and affordability for the home. As a rule of

Is there a limit to my rent increases?

In a competitive rental market, rents can increase at an exponential level and can sometimes lead to negotiations in rental prices and some properties being out of reach.  There are no guidelines on what a “reasonable” rent increase should be and rental figures are influenced by the supply and demand on rental properties in the