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Selling your investment property while tenanted

Deciding to sell your investment property is a big step on your investor journey and one that may help to … Read more »

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What can you take with you when you sell

It can be an exciting and overwhelming step when your home finally settles and during the moving process, there may … Read more »

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What is my property worth?

When calculating the worth of your property, a sales agent will take a number of elements into account when calculating … Read more »

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What comes next if a sale falls through

When you sell your home, the expectation is that it will be as straightforward as allowing people through, the auction … Read more »

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What to expect when buying an established apartment

In choosing to purchase a property, you are investing in one of the biggest purchases in your lifetime. It is … Read more »

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How long does it take to sell a house?

One of the questions that will often be asked when you choose to sell your home, is how long will … Read more »

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What happens if I break my lease?

The best-laid plans don’t always go according to the path that you set out on and changes in life circumstances … Read more »

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What are the costs with buying a home?

Buying your first or subsequent homes is an exciting stage of life and while the fun may be in searching … Read more »