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what you can include on contracts of sale

What you can include on contracts of sale

Signing contracts of sale for any property can seem daunting, at first. But, when handled … Read more »

what to look for in a property manager

What to look for in a property manager

A valuable property manager is a gift for landlords, yet also beneficial for tenants. Being … Read more »

the big clean what to do and when

The big clean: what to do and when

With low temperatures and some states experiencing lockdown restrictions that limit outward mobility, many householders … Read more »

a guide to understanding contracts

A guide to understanding contracts

Paying attention to contracts, and the information contained within them can often be the difference … Read more »

good design creates timeless style

Good design creates timeless style

A beautiful piece of hand-crafted furniture or lighting is a joy unto itself. 
Read more »

should you rent or buy and why

Should you rent or buy, and why?

The question of homeownership versus contributing to a landlord’s investment is an age-old conundrum when … Read more »

essential pre purchasing costs to account for

Essential pre-purchasing costs to account for

Buying a property requires more than a deposit. 

Pre-purchase costs can … Read more »

to renovate or detonate that is the question

To renovate or detonate: that is the question

There are two schools of thought when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle and increasing … Read more »

how to choose the right agent for your property sale

How to choose the right agent for your property sale

Selling your home is one of life’s major decisions — with successful outcomes often attributed … Read more »

how building to rent addresses long term affordability

How building to rent addresses long-term affordability

Industry analysts and the renting public alike are acutely aware of the housing affordability crisis. … Read more »

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