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shielding seaside homes from spoilage e1608416236785

Shielding seaside homes from spoilage

Saltwater, sun and sand make for a great holiday but your coastal property may not welcome these details … Read more »

why christmas can be a good time to sell your home

Why Christmas can be a good time to sell your home

Spring sellers are on the lookout
We all know that spring is the most popular season to put your property on … Read more »

many signs same place

Many signs, same place

You’re keen to snap up a house and you spot a street or block with multiple “for sale” … Read more »

how to bring country and city together

How to bring country and city together

Scratching your head trying to reconcile your appreciation for both city and country? There is a way to … Read more »

understanding rural distances

Understanding rural distances

If you’ve just moved to a rural or regional area, the nearest supermarket may easily be 50km away. … Read more »

to buy or to rent

To buy or to rent?

It’s the question everyone asks themselves at one point in their lives: should I buy or rent? Answer: … Read more »

recovering from an investment gone bad

Recovering from an investment gone bad

Ideally, your set and forget investment property should be wending its way through life, enabling you to enjoy … Read more »

slow down for serenitys sake

Slow down for serenity’s sake

Rurality has finally become a reality and it’s a dream lifestyle indeed. Or it would be if you … Read more »

rural buyer checklist

Rural buyer checklist

Excitement is high as you plan for a life-long dream of living in a regional town or rural … Read more »

acreage challenges

Acreage challenges

Moving away from city hustle and bustle to a quiet, peaceful acreage is many peoples’ dream. But, without … Read more »

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