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top questions to ask your mortgage broker

Top questions to ask your mortgage broker

You’ve made the decision to buy a home and now the hunt is on not only for a … Read more »

little girls bedroom makeover

Little girls bedroom makeover

By guest blogger, Nicole -The Builders Wife

The … Read more »

investment worthy suburb features e1608416745628

Investment-worthy suburb features

You’re keen to splash your cash on an investment property. But how do you choose which area to … Read more »

dressed to impress for inspections

Dressed to impress for inspections

Your home looks perfect to you but when it comes to open inspections, potential buyers may beg to … Read more »

refinance investment new vision

Should You Be Refinancing Your Rental Property?

As with any investment, it is … Read more »

how do online auctions work

How do online auctions work?

COVID-19 is not only about border closures, face masks and half-empty supermarket shelves. Depending on where you live, … Read more »

what can go wrong when building or renovating

What can go wrong when building or renovating?

Building and renovating is hardly a stress free time, and many issues can blow out … Read more »

clarifying real estate jargon

Clarifying real estate jargon

You’re stressed and concerned about buying or selling your property and now you’ve bumped head to head into … Read more »

refinance new vision financial services

How Does Refinancing Work?

Read more »

what makes a kid friendly suburb

What makes a kid-friendly suburb?

It takes a village to raise a child – and here’s hoping your new village will offer these … Read more »

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