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6 renovation jobs you shouldnt do

6 renovation jobs you shouldn’t do

While there are plenty of DIY jobs that are suitable for the novice … Read more »

next stop negotiating

Next stop: negotiating

For buyers and sellers, there are few moments more disheartening than seeing a property pass in after auction. … Read more »

using equity to buy an investment property

Using equity to buy an investment property

It sounds like a dream deal: buy a second house without a big bank account. Is this really … Read more »

how to manage your first move from home

How to manage your first move from home

Young people are staying at the family house for longer than ever before and may be in their … Read more »

the secret to making low cost decorating work

The secret to making low-cost decorating work

I’ve never had a huge budget for decorating my home, there are simply too many … Read more »

should i get landlord insurance

Should I get landlord insurance?

You’ve just bought an investment property and excitement and anticipation is high. But with your short-term bank balance … Read more »

how to choose a conveyancer

How to choose a conveyancer

House hunters, I know it’s easy to become immersed in the stress and excitement of buying or selling … Read more »

interstate investing

Interstate investing

Investors may find it simpler to buy property close by, or at least in a location they know … Read more »

shaping up for spring

Shaping up for spring

Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer, sunnier weather comes the busiest time of year … Read more »

apartment or house whats best for you

Apartment or house: what’s best for you?

Apartments can make ideal homes but the differences between them and a detached house may surprise, especially if … Read more »

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