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chaos clean up

Chaos clean up

We’ve all been there – we check a garage or cupboard and discover a mountain of forgotten molehill … Read more »

tiny houses neat sweet and petite

Tiny houses: neat, sweet and petite

They’re not for everyone but if you crave simplicity and mobility, tiny homes will suit you. With… Read more »

pet persuasion

Pet persuasion

For animal lovers, there’s nothing nicer than a hug from their furry friend. But owning such a friend … Read more »

resolving neighbour noise

Resolving neighbour noise

You’ve just moved into your dream home but noisy neighbours are destroying your peace of mind. Whether it’s … Read more »

bffs to the rental rescue

BFFs to the rental rescue

Tenants moving to an unknown, remote area often don’t have the time, or extra cash for travel, to … Read more »

new normal house transformation

“New normal” house transformation

Household living has reached a strange new stage in our COVID-19 world. Home-schooling, working from home and uncertain … Read more »